You can call me Vick!

As a child, I possessed a strong inclination toward the visual arts, and would often spend countless hours drawing and painting. At the age of 7, I received my first camera, a Minnie Mouse model, which sparked my interest in photography. However, I went on to pursue a degree in architecture and design, only to discover my true passion for photography after graduation.
To further my skills and knowledge in the field, I enrolled in two master's degree programs in photography at the prestigious Idep Barcelona - Escuela Superior de Imagen y Diseño in 2009. Since then, I have pursued my passion with unrelenting vigor, specializing in travel, lifestyle, architectural, and food photography.
As an international photographer, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively and explore almost 30 countries, providing me with a unique perspective and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and landscapes.
Today, I merge my expertise as a professional travel, lifestyle, architectural, and food photographer with my graphic design projects and my work as a travel designer, combining my creative talents and my love for exploring new places.

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